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Dance meets Identity – Harmony in the differences

Kultur und Schule - Dance meets Identity Lina do Carmo

Photo: Iris Pohl

Since 2006 Lina do Carmo accomplishes / directs several dance projects for children and young people from social conflict areas in the context of the North-Rhine-Westphalian National Program Kultur und Schule using her unique concept „Dance Meets Identities - Harmony in the Differences“. The title reflects the intention of the project. Based on her cultural vision and her own migration experiences Lina do Carmo takes the children and youngsters from different social backgrounds and with different future perspectives on a dance journey to body and identity. In accordance with the different German school types (Realschule, Gesamtschule and Förderschule) the concept helps to communicate beyond personal and cultural differences. Contemporary dance does not only offer a channel for expression beyond spoken language but also encourages to abandon violence and supports creative human forces.

In 2007 Lina do Carmo’s concept was nominated for the national cultural competition Kinder zum Olymp! (Children to the Olympus!) of the German National Cultural Foundation.

Some reflections of the students about "body and identity" were integrated into the choreographic work:

„The body gives information about someone, more exactly the body attitude, called body language.“

„One can recognize by the attitude how someone is e.g. shy, reserved, open or also conceited...“

„The identity means for me who someone is. Each person has its own identity. And about the body I do not know … muscles, reflexes, biology… I dont know… “

„Body for me is the body of 'I', because I am the body, without body I would be nothing. Without a body one cannot live. I am glad to have a body.“

„Identity is for me an agreement to be real! Identity designates the subjective feeling to the balance and stability of the self that e.g. by painful experiences can to be destroyed...

„My body is like a tool it lets me do what I do."

„A human being has his functions and he try to use everything. Without body the human being would be nothing at all. The identity tells about a person."





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