Lina do Carmo


About Lina do Carmo

by Marcel Marceau

The fascination of Lina do Carmo comes from her personality, her sensitivity and her passion for our profession. Certainly, at the same time, she is on her own search, and creation as well as a love for communication are her main aims. The striving for perfection: this is what defines an artist.

Lina do Carmo expresses her silent shouts with the force of her youth, on the outlook for contemporary events. Her heart is all poetry. Brazil, her home country, gave her a rich soul originating in the Amazonian forests. Her creations are multiple, and the rhythm of her dramatic art takes us to a deep listening.

Today Lina of the Carmo turns to other forms, developing her personality. She affirms and confirms her dramatic force; to the media and her audience she conveys her vibrant and highly emotional dramatic quality.

She uncovers herself to her audience that already celebrates her. The media in Germany are full of praise when analysing her creations: suddenly I am happy I witnessed her first steps. Lina do Carmo is like a bird on a branch that opens the eyes of our memory when it takes its flight. Her loyalty comforts me, and here I am so glad to have followed her since her promising beginning.

Her steadfastness is revealing and will continue to fuel her deep work and restlessness. Our time needs young creators who can galvanise our emotion with the force of their souls, and this is exactly what we experience with Lina do Carmo. I wish her a long life and a powerful journey through the violent world in which we live. But be sure, such tempests of human passion, such restlessness that makes our soul alive, are Lina do Carmo’s “raison de vivre”.