Lina do Carmo

Gurdjieff-Mouvements Séminaire - Paris, le 3, 4 et 5 Mars 2017

Lina do Carmo will create the choreography for the multimedial Music-theater project “Was ist Wahrheit?” (what is Truth?), “J.S. BACH Johannespassion” with the Kammerchor VOX BONA conducted by Karin Freist-Wissing - premiere at the Kreuzkirche in Bonn (Germany). More info:
Directing Workshop Gurdjieff Movements by YogaArt Festival IZTAC – Mexico
Tournée VIAJANTE DA LUZ (LICHTREISE) - Teatro de Dança - São Paulo -SP (Brazil)
Beyond Dance - Experiencing Higher Presence - Gurdjieff Movements Special-presentation at the International Dance Fair, Düsseldorf (Germany)
tournée VIAJANTE DA LUZ (lichtreise) - HAMSA - Healing Arts Festival - (Suede)
HAMSA festival
HAMSA festival
Gurdjieff-Movements Workshop in Amsterdam , Kontakt für mehr Informationen: Guru Deva Kaur 0031 6 415 318 46,
Gurdjieff-movements in Amsterdam- 2010
Flyer 2 Gurd. Amsterdam Feb 2010
Premiere "Tanz Bach!" - new dance project at "Kölner Philharmonie": From dramatic to comic it is all in it!
Touring “Viajante da Luz (Lichtreise)" to Yoga ART Festival "":, Iztac Multiversidad, Mexico. Also there: Workshop "Gurdjieff- Sacred Dances"
at the 3rd International Congress of IEA in Fortaleza, Brazil Lina gives a lecture and workshop under the topic: ”Gurdjieff Sacred Dances in the Energetic Temple of the Enneagram“. tbc: in May Gurdjieff Movements Workshop in Amsterdam More info here soon.
Gurdjieff Sacred Dances in Brasília (Brazil) see info
Danças Sagradas de Gurdjieff - uma ciência para transformação de si