Lina do Carmo

Dance Projects

"The mind that opens itself to a new idea will never go back to its original size." (Albert Einstein)

To share the dance with the next generation - for Lina do Carmo this is a substantial part of her artistic work. It is driven by the primordial experience that the body movement and dance help to develop identity on all levels: physical, psychological and emotional. Following this process with children and young people is not only much fun for Lina do Carmo, she also remains in contact with the future generations. This is the condition for an ongoing renewal of her creative force.

In 2001 started Lina do Carmo the art and education project Pro-arte Fumdham with socially unprivileged children and young people in the northeast of Brazil. As result of this work the dance production Pacto Renovado was presented in the context of the Interartes Festival in 2004. Since 2006 Lina supports with her experience the dance project for social integration „180°-Drehung - Dance in Schools“ of the NRW-Landesbüro Tanz (Dance Office North-Rhine-Westphalia). Also, she direct her own dance project „Dance meets Identity“ in the context of the national culture program Kultur und Schule (Culture and School) of the North-Rhine-Westphalian federal state government. And, in collaboration with the KölnMusik GmbH, twice a year she develops a new dance production which is thematically connected with the concert program of the Cologne Philharmonic Concert Hall.