Lina do Carmo


To work with Gurdjieff's dances means to find oneself always deeper. This experience drives towards a new hearing and self-observation. Beyond the spiritual and scientific subtlety which comes from a not legible time, by practicing them a constructive force appears, that has a great meaning for the chaotic reality of the current world.

As an artist, on her individual search for truth and spirituality, Lina do Carmo discovered G.I. Gurdjieff as spiritual teacher. In the beginning of the 20th century this Greek-Armenian „master of the instant“ brought a holistic system for the human development to Europe, which attracted many international artists and intellectuals already at that time. His „Sacred Dances“ (also just called „Movements“) are conveyed until today. They promote self consciousness and self-realization. Lina do Carmo first met the dances of Gurdjieff at the Osho Institute. In Cologne, Berlin and Amsterdam she trained learned „Gurdjieff-Movements“ in 2005 with the Dutch pianist Wim van Dullemen. Since 2007 she completed the training as „Gurdjieff-Movements“ instructor in France and India at the "Art and Science of Movement Association" with the dance expert Amiyo Devienne, one of the leading international Gurdjieff teachers. 

Lina do Carmo is teaching Gurdjieff-Movements Seminars in Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Amsterdam and Paris.


Gurdjieff Sacred Dances and Movements

Lina do Carmo share her passion for Gurdjieff’s Movements as a high-energy source, a powerful tool of transformation and a path to joy and inner peace through genuine self-expression.  The dances are a practical method to develop a deeper understanding of who we are. Learning to remember ourselves in the movement will help us to fully experience the reality of what we are doing. Dancing we will be in contact with our own lives. 

The dance positions and sequences are very organic. At the same time they challenge our routine. They break with automated patterns of moving and give us an expanded sense of being. They help develop more presence in the body, in the heart and in the mind, creating harmony and unity. With this presence we will get a taste of the sacred. 

Moving becomes a divine experience.

Presence in the body: grounding, centering, refined body co-ordination, better sense of balance, accurate body posture and awareness, building of new neuronal bridges between the two brain hemispheres.  Presence in the heart: balance between male and female energies, increased sensitivity through the beauty of the movements, silence and music, natural synchronicity with others beyond words, detachment from and non-identification with emotions, deeper connection to oneself, letting go, acceptance, surrender, profound gratitude. 

Presence in the mind: more objective perception of reality, better ability to be present, to see, to decide and to act. Higher attention and focus, conscious self-observation, easier connection with higher mental states such as intuition. 

The program  Cultivating inner silence, we will focus on the following:  • Practising Gurdjieff’s Movements and Sacred Dances  • Self-study and self-observation to help emerge a new feeling of “I”.  • Meditation and inner exercises for the development of attention  • Free dance for creativity.  • Circles of sharing: clarifying and deepening our experiences  The origin of the Sacred Dances  The Movements and Sacred Dances are an inseparable part of Gurdjieff’s teachings. The movements are based upon traditional dances that Gurdjieff was taught as he traveled throughout Central Asia and Africa. There he encountered Sufi Orders, Buddhist centers, ancient hidden monastries and other sources of mystic learning. Through practice Gurdijeff came to understand that in the movements was embedded ancient knowledge, passed from generation to generation – each posture and gesture representing some cosmic truth. 

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