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Corpo do Mundo

Creations, roots and unexpected paths in the poetic of movement
Lina do Carmo’s autobiographical work
Publisher : Livros Illimitados (2015) 431pages
Language : Brazilian Portuguese
ISBN : 978-85-66464658

In her autobiography, Lina do Carmo shares the way in which she merged her art and her spirituality, thus allowing her to achieve the physical freedom that is necessary to develop sincere and avant- guard corporal dramaturgy.
Art and life draw the memory of a philosophical and transcultural body. This book unveils an esthetic of perpetual transformation, filled by multiple artists with whom the author sews the density of choreographic practices and researches. The archeological sites of Serra da Capivara in Brazil, as well as some in Mexico, are sources of raw gestures combined to the technical sensitivity from which mythical and atemporal plasticities are created.
A borderless path expresses the desire of being together in different ways of life, between a physical and a cultural body. Theater, mime and dance all emphasize a pedagogical approach of cross-bred expression. Her works and performances – from European scenes to the Karaja Indians’ village, from television to movies – narrates how the author creates her poetic of the primitive body that awakens a current speech through the world’s plurality.
« Through the vibratory quality of the dances, we feel the sacred impulse that takes root in ourselves.» (Lina do Carmo)

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